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News.The New Slayer Master

The Bounty Hunter will be removed from the game this week and all the content that was previously tied to Bounty Hunter will be redistributed throughout the game. The removal of Bounty Hunter left Mandrith out of a job, so the RS team decided that he’d earned a promotion to Slayer Master, who now specialises in Wilderness Tasks. And these challenge you to slay the denizens of the wilderness while keeping an eye out for PKers.

Players will need to be level 85 slayer to engage with Mandrith. The slayer counter will now show when you’re on a wilderness specific task. While working on these, you will obtain slayer bounty potential which can be exchanged for rewards from Mandrith. You can also kill other players to steal some of their potential.

Because Mandrith only has a few Wilderness denizens as tasks, you won’t be able to use your block and prefer lists with him. Mandrith’s shop in Edgeville Bank now stocks slayer rewards, including bounty emblems. Ironmen can still do wilderness tasks and earn potential. They will not be able to steal potential from other players, but a successful PK will reduce the other player’s potential by the same amount as if it was stolen.

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