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News.PoF Farmhands

Think of a farmhand as a helper whose sole interest is to make your farming life that bit easier. They will handle some of the farm tasks without guidance, and up to three can be allocated to each pen. Farmhands can be managed from a new tab on the paddock/animal check interface. And you can buy OSRS gold cheap from our site and expect it then. Besides, there are three different types of farmhand available:

Babysitter Farmhands
Babysitters can stop your baby farm animals growing past their adolescent age. If there’s a farmhand and you haven’t paid, the fee will be taken from your money pouch and the slot will be marked as ‘paid’. From that point on, an animal will not progress beyond adolescence unless it or the pen’s last remaining babysitter is removed. If you are trying to swap babysitters, place the new one in before removing the old one. This way the fees for existing animals will not be cleared. There are specific babysitters for small, medium and large/generic pens, the fee is 2 beans per use for the small pens, 5 beans per use for the medium pens and 10 beans per use for large/generic pens. A maximum of two of each type can be hired.

Collector Farmhands
Once a pen is full, collectors will gather any further animals that are born. Collectors can hold up to 30 animals from up to 3 species – a total of 90 unchecked animals. After a collector is hired, be sure to talk to her to ensure she begins work. A fee will be taken every time an animal is collected. To claim the animals for yourself, or to check her stock, simply talk to her. Collectors can currently only be allocated to breeding pens.

Trapper Farmhands
Trappers will, for a fee, collect a random unchecked animal from the wild and deposit them in one of your pens. They will potentially collect any non-shiny animal in the game, with the exception of Araxyte Spiders. Others, such as Royal Dragons, have an incredibly low chance of being collected. You can find the trapper standing by the house. He’s not cheap, though, charging 100 beans per hunt.

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