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News.Get into RS3 Mobile Android Beta Now

We’re delighted to confirm that the RS team have begun releasing the first of our two caps for the RuneScape Members Mobile Android Beta! 25,000 spots are now available to download on a first come, first served basis! The cap will be raised in two batches to ensure adventurers on both sides of the globe have the opportunity to get involved. If you're unable to download the application today, they'll be opening up the second batch (an additional 25,000 spots) tomorrow morning at 09:00 game time. Additionally, please remember you can find RS3 gold for sale on our site.

What content can I expect in this Beta?
In this beta, there will be 50,000 more spots added for player who wishing to explore the Gielinor on Android devices. The cap will be raised in two batches, making sure players from both hemispheres can be equally involved. In the beta, you will be able to experience :
1.An overhaul to the NPC chat system, which makes chat clearer and easier to navigate.
2.A more intuitive action bars.
3.Improved looting mechanics.
Of course there will be imperfections and bugs, which need to be informed to the team by you, whoever participate in the beta. Give you thoughts and advice after you have fun.

How do I enter the Beta?
The RuneScape Members Mobile Beta is accessible to all members with a compatible Android mobile device. Details on iOS availability will be announced at a later date. This cap increase is another step along the road to an open beta and, ultimately, a full release.

Thanks ever so much for your ongoing support. You can buy more cheap runescape gold on our website for the upcoming RuneScape mobile. Enjoy it!

The rs4acc team