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News.Changes of OSRS Farming Guild Doors and more in Kebos Lowladnds

In response to the latest feedback on newly released Kebos Lowlands, the OSRS team has recently released a series of changes in the contents of the game, including OSRS graphical changes, changes in the OSRS Farming Guild Doors, Golden Tench and Aerial fishing, as well as other in-game items and contents. And there is offer rs3 gold for sale on our site.

The latest changes in the Kebos Lowlands
1. Graphical changing in Brimstone Boots, Ferocious Gloves, and Seed Boxes to make them look more real and fit to players.
2. There is no longer any possibility you can skip climbing the skull by clicking the Zip-lineslope before climbing the slope in the Werewolf agility course.
3. The Farming Guild Doors now use a barrier system, which means Guildmaster Jane will check your skill level to decide whether you fulfill the requirement to enter a door.
4. Some items with High Alchemy values has been through Alchemy values reduction, including Broken dragon hasta (reduced to 37,440), Hydra leather (reduced to 60k), etc..
5. You will no longer gain 0 xp at the first hit on certain Molanisks.
6. Earlier-removed snapping animation to assist player’s timing when fly fishing has been re-implemented.
7. Abyssal Sire in Konar's tasks are now located in Abyssal Plane.
8. There are eight additional Blast furnace worlds added in.
9. Golden tench now has negative stats to match other fun weapons, and can be stored in the Magic Wardrobe.
10. There is no longer any hints from Anima seeds about growing them in plant pots.

There are also other changes and fixes besides the above changes in Farming Guild Doors, Golden Tench and other contents in OSRS Kebos Lowlands. Come and experience the improvements with cheap OSRS gold from us.

The rs4acc team