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Alchemical Onyx[ 2018-12-05]
The 3 new Alchemical Onyx items have been released in game, and now what you must want to learn is how to create them. And there is offer cheap OSRS gold for sale here, please come to us now! Grace of the Elves is a new non-degradable necklace designed to help you out whilst skilling. And firstly, you need to reach 91 Crafting and obtain 1 gold bar and 1 alchemical onyx. Besides halving the drain...
Festive Aura and Winter Weekends - Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering[ 2018-11-30]
Festive AuraCheck out the wares on offer from either Xuan, Dilwyn or Azibo from December 1st for the chance to grab the Festive Aura. Donning it will grant you a whopping 50% experience boost for 30 minutes each and every day throughout December. This stacks with other bonuses. Daily experience is capped at 50,000. You can check the current amount remaining at any time by selecting the aura itself...
Bird House And Bird Nest Balancing[ 2018-11-26]
Bird NestsThe bird nest drops have been removed from Vorkath and Zulrah. Callisto's bird nest drop has also been removed and replaced with 30 Dragon bones. This will reduce the number of nests coming into game while also contributing to our efforts to stop skilling resources being gained via PvM. This makes the other drops from these bosses slightly more common with the exception of their uniques....
The Needle Skips Guide[ 2018-11-21]
The Needle Skips is a novice quest, meaning there are no requirements and that it’s open to everyone, and set in the Piscatoris peninsula. It’s a story told from multiple perspectives, focussing on a local family and the Needle – a powerful artefact created by the elder gods to aid them with their planetary constructions. Something horrific has happened… but due to the powers of the Needle, the wh...
POH Portals and DHCB Recolour[ 2018-11-16]
This week brings added portals to Player Owned Houses and a recolour for the Dragon hunter crossbow. Here are the full details and you can always find  osrs gold cheap from our site. Ghorrock, Carrallangar and Catherby POH Portals Players may now add portals to Ghorrock, Carrallangar and Catherby to their portal rooms in their POH for 100 times the number of runes required to teleport ...
New Items from Mining and Smithing Rework[ 2018-11-12]
There will be a bunch of new items created for the Mining & Smithing rework, and today we will share some of them, such as T90 & T92 Masterwork armour, RuneScape Armour Spikes, Pickaxe of Earth and Song, and Smithing Auto-heater. Before joining in the beta beginning on Nov. 13, you best learn them carefully. And you can buy OSRS gold form us. Tier 90 & Tier 92 Masterwork armour There...
How to Make Changes to OSRS Bounty Hunter and PvP in Weeks?[ 2018-11-07]
The OSRS team want to make a big rework to the Bounty Hunter. But before that they plan to make some balancing changes first to Bounty Hunter and PvP in the coming weeks. How to balance Bounty Hunter OSRS?The first thing the team would like to change is the Bounty Hunter overlay, but only slightly. They'd like to improve the functionality of it by allowing players to move the position of the ove...
OSRS Aerial Fishing for Golden Tench[ 2018-11-02]
In the near future there will be a new training method OSRS Aerial Fishing added in game, combining the Fishing and Hunter skilling in a small island at the middle of Lake Molch. And when using this method, you can catch Bluegill, Greater Siren and have a slim chance to get Golden Tench. Do you think Aerial Fishing, this new training method is fun? Let’s experience it as soon as it’s released afte...
New Alchemical Onyx Items[ 2018-10-29]
Right now the RS team are working on the new RuneScape Alchemical Onyx jewellery and plan to release it before February 2019, which includes Grace of the Elves, Ingenuity of the Humans as well as Passage of the abyss. Please wait for their coming while buying Cheap RS Gold from us. 4 functions of Grace of the elvesThe Grace of the elves can be created with an alchemical onyx and some Invention m...
Runescape Patch Notes: Ninja Fixes[ 2018-10-24]
1. Dramatically sped up Ugthanki respawn times.2. Added a stepping stone to cross the river in Mos le Harmless.3. Added remaining charges to the big book o' piracy's tooltip.4. Reworked the check-items interface for signs of the porter.5. Improved the clickzone for glacors, covering a wider box that just the model itself, to allow for more leniency with it's oddly shaped model and wide sweeping an...


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