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News.The RS 18 Years Birthday

From 4 to 6pm GMT on Jan. 4, RuneScape 18 Years Birthday Celebration will be held on the official Twitch channel. 18th year is always a critical and transformative year. We have seen how RuneScape grows from a frivolous little game into one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world before that year. And after it, we may expect a new RS with more innovations and ambitions. So join in the Birthday Livestream and witness the important moment yourself.

The success of RuneScape is due to the mutual devotion of developers and players. On the coming 18th birthday, you’ll see some popular Jmods attend the Birthday Livestream to share their good time with the RS game, as well as their expectation for it. And you can interact with them by telling your stories, and your feelings and wishes to this game.

If you would like something fun, you can take part in the RuneScape-style Quiz in the 18th birthday livestream, using your knowledge of RS to beat other competitors and show them who is the real master of RS world. In addition, the 18th Birthday Livestream will also bring you a great amount of prizes. Your love and passions towards the RS will be rewarded. Besides the livestream, you can use the #RuneScape18Years hashtag to share your love and wish for RS on social medias.

On Jan. 4, you will be able to join in the popular Jmods in RS 18 Years Birthday Celebration on RS Twitch channel. There will be joyful memories, interesting quiz, as well as prizes. We wish a very happy RuneScape 18 Years Birthday to both RuneScape team and players, and hope 18th Birthday Livestream to be a big success. We will also go on offering you cheap OSRS gold to help you enjoy more in the game.

The rs4acc team