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News.The OSRS Collection Log

The highly-expected OSRS Collection Log has finally been released this week. And you can obtain it from the Collector for tracking your unique drop obtained from various content in game.

How can you get a Collection Log?
The Collection Log is a one stop shop for players to see which drops/pets/rewards they have obtained on their adventures from various bosses, raiding dungeons, minigames and general travels. Head upstairs in the Varrock museum and speak to The Collector to acquire the Collection Log. Alternatively, you can access it via the Achievement Gallery in your POH.

How to use the Collection Log?
There are five tabs in all, including bosses, raids, clues, minigames and others. Each tab will list everything under that category, and clicking on one specific item will make all the associated items in the Log shown. In the log, the items you have obtained, as well as the number of them will be displayed. For items you haven’t obtained, it will show up translucent. And since every entry in the log will be tracked by the item itself rather than where it was obtained, your items might be displayed under all possible resources.

If you already have an untradeable item that can be displayed in the log, it will automatically be added. Tradeable items already earned will not be displayed automatically in the Collection Log. This means both regular and Iron players will also have to re-obtain any tradeable items they wish to be displayed in their log. This is because there are so many tradeable items in the log, with potential future additions to come, that it would become unfeasible to perform all the checks required for everything that an Iron player might already own.

The release of the OSRS Collection Log will surely make everybody excited. Filling up the log will be a great dream for every player. As always, our site offer safe and cheap OSRS gold here.

The rs4acc team