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News.The Chambers of Eric - 2018 OSRS Halloween Event

It’s been revealed that the OSRS 2018 Halloween event will be kicking off on October 25. It should be a mini quest, and named The Chambers of Eric.

We have learned the OSRS Halloween event this year plans to be released on October 25, 2018. And according to the information from the Twitter of Jagex Ash, it should be a mini quest style event without underwater this year and a lot shorter than last year’s.  While the new rewards for the event are still under progress, it’s said that the rewards from previous Halloween events can be unlocked upon the completion of the new event as usual.

In addition, please note both the member and F2P players can play it. At the same time, Mod Ash also has promised the upcoming event is kind of runescapey at least although he doesn’t have the same cultural grounding in horror movies which Mod TomH Had.

A lot of players are eager for its coming. What’s more, until now the development is progressing nicely, and Mod Ash is writing very nasty dialogue for the characters. That means it should be released as planned.

Therefore, you can get cheap osrs gold from us right now and get ready to take on the Chambers of Eric in one week.


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