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News.Runescape Patch Notes: Ninja Fixes

1. Dramatically sped up Ugthanki respawn times.
2. Added a stepping stone to cross the river in Mos le Harmless.
3. Added remaining charges to the big book o' piracy's tooltip.
4. Reworked the check-items interface for signs of the porter.
5. Improved the clickzone for glacors, covering a wider box that just the model itself, to allow for more leniency with it's oddly shaped model and wide sweeping anims.
6. Moved "Add to pouch" to the left click option for coins, and added a new "Add X to pouch" option.
7. Recharging god books and Erethdor's grimoire can now be done using either object on the other.
8. Dominion mines now have buff bar timers, denoting when you can re-place your first and second mines.
9. It is now possible to pick up dominon mines with a full backpack if you are already carrying a stack of them.
10. Removed the Options tab from the Soul Reaper reward interface, as all of the option had been previously migrated into player settings.
11. Added a "Don't ask me again" option when confirming requests for slayer tasks from a Slayer Master that feels you're too strong for them.
12. Essence pouches now display degradation state in the tooltip. Those strengthened with Lunar magic may go above 100% repair.
13. Seismic activities in the Asgarnia ice dungeon have opened an agility shortcut between the entrance and the skeletal wyvern cavern. 72 Agility is required to traverse it.
14. It's now possible to create blurite off-hand crossbows and blurite 2h crossbows.
15. Multiple woad leaves can now be bought from Wyson with a right-click option, at a slightly inflated price.

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