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News.RS Needle Skips

The new female and fully voiced quest RuneScape Needle Skips will focus on a local family and the Needle, a powerful artefact created by the elder gods.

Set in Piscatoris Fishing Colony, it’s a story told from multiple perspectives, focussing around a local family and the Needle – a powerful artefact created by the elder gods to aid them with their planetary constructions.  And the Needle is a powerful artefact, helping the elder gods with their planetary constructions. As one of the rewards for the quest, you can get the access to it.

As the latest detective quest, Needle Skips aims to discover who has killed a beloved character and has a handful of features you may like:
1. An all female cast;
2. Fully voice acted, similar to One Piercing Note;
3. A murder mystery style quest like previous Murder Mystery or Once Piercing Note;
4. Bringing up to 400 quest points, making one more slayer block slot available and giving the access to Spot the black dragon and another go on the magical dice.
5. The unique mechanic: you can investigate the environment and enter clue words via a search engine of sorts in order to unlock glimpses of history stored in the bubble. With more clues discovered, further plot will be revealed, and you may be able to save the unfortunate individuals trapped inside.

We believe it will be released in the near future, maybe next month? Anyway, let’s prepare enough cheap RuneScape gold from our site.


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