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News.RS Double XP Weekend 2019 to Train Summoning and more

The Double XP Weekend RuneScape will start at 12:00 UTC on February 22 and last until 12:00 UTC on February 25, 2019. You are going to enjoy up to 100% increase in XP gains within the specific time during this event. Feel free to enjoy your RuneScape Double XP Weekend and train yourself into a master of skills, especially to collect the Summoning Obelisks for summoning skill. If you need cheap RuneScape gold then, just come to us and get some.

In the earlier news, the RS team has implied that the Double XP weekend might be a good chance to train Summoning skill. To train this skill, you’d better collect as many as Summoning Obelisks to restore summoning points. Since the Summoning Obelisks are scattered all around the land of Gielinor, you need portables of Gielinor to help you then. Hope there will be favorable adjustments for you to gain more growth on Summoning skill training.

Besides the Summoning skill, there are also other ideal skills you can train in the Double XP weekend. The Herblore Skill that can make you a lot of money. And the Construction skill that you can make good use of the abundant leveling materials given in Double XP weekend. Besides, the Prayer skill is also a good choice. Since the Prayer skill is often time and money consuming, you can save a lot time and material training it in the Double XP Weekend.

Therefore, take the time of RS Double XP Weekend to collect Summoning Obelisks to train your Summoning skill. Don’t forget the Herblore Skill and other skills. All in all, let's have a good day and find enough cheap OSRS gold from us.

The rs4acc team