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News.Quest Point Shop

Quest Point Shop is a shop in which you can spend quest points. In the shop players will find May. She’s a tinkerer but she used to be an adventurer herself, and now is determined to help other adventurers succeed in their pursuits.

In Quest Point Shop there is one general reward track and then a number of additional reward tracks that players can choose to progress along, should they so desire. The former is automatic, but the latter depends on how the player chooses to allocate their points.

Unique rewards for each track
Pet Track
Going down this track unlocks the Lorehound. Players can change its costume to correspond with certain completed quests. The Lorehound can be upgraded to:
1. Provide supplies such as rope, a lit bullseye lantern, a spade and law runes.
2. Fetch books from the player owned house bookcase.
3. Increase the loot area range from 3 to 4.
4. Increase the chance for some Master Quest Cape lore drops by 25%.

Armour and Weapon Track
This track is great for players who want a bit of a helping hand tackling tough combat situations. Unlocks include:
1. Armour of Trials: scales challenges to a player’s level and provides damage reduction against some bosses.
2. The armour becomes attuned to bosses that defeat players. Each subsequent death increases the defence scaling, up to a cap of 5x.
3. Vanquish: a level 75 tribrid weapon similar to the Sunspear that can switch between styles.
4. Players require level 75 in the relevant skill to equip the weapon.
5. Much as the Armour of Trials levels its defence, so too does Vanquish level its damage.

Hub Track
The Hub Track offers a range of benefits, which include:
1. A quest item storage box.
2. The ability to teleport to the start point of a quest.
3. The ability to transform into various quest NPCs using the Ring of Quests.
4. Access to the title of 'The Adventurer'.
5. Access to improved rewards from Meg.
6. Access to a Bank chest at the hub.

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