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News.POH Portals and DHCB Recolour

This week brings added portals to Player Owned Houses and a recolour for the Dragon hunter crossbow. Here are the full details and you can always find  osrs gold cheap from our site.

Ghorrock, Carrallangar and Catherby POH Portals

Players may now add portals to Ghorrock, Carrallangar and Catherby to their portal rooms in their POH for 100 times the number of runes required to teleport to these locations. These destinations may also be added to the recently released Portal Nexus for the usual cost of 1,000 times the cost of a standard teleport.

In response to player feedback, secondary destinations such as the Grand Exchange will now be listed under their parent destination in the teleport menu rather than at the bottom. Also, the first list of teleports in the Nexus has been ordered by level and spellbook.
Dragon Hunter Crossbow Recolour

The base colours of the Dragon hunter crossbow have been updated to resemble the Great Olm, making it distinguishable from the Dragon crossbow.

Other Changes:

The Edgeville furnace can now be used in free to play worlds.

Until now, the Rune pouch has only been available as a Bounty Hunter reward. This encouraged players with no interest in Bounty Hunter to farm it as simply as possible to get the pouch, decreasing the quality of activity for people who actually wanted to do PvP. To remedy this, the Slayer Reward points shop now sells the same Rune pouches found in the Bounty Hunter Store. These pouches can be purchased from any slayer master for 1,250 Slayer Reward points.

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