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News.OSRS Wise Old Man and Mobile Changes

Wise Old Man
This change has been highly requested and was met with a resounding Yes in the poll. The Wise Old man's ability to spot redundant non-member quest items in your bank has been rewritten. From now on you can discard items directly via a handy interface to keep what you want, including members’ quest. And there will be a confirmation screen promoted while clicking the Remove All button before actually removing all items in the interface.

This update required a large amount of data gathering work to be done to ensure that the Wise Old Man could remove all the quest items properly. Firstly, the current code infrastructure had to be rewritten, this was because although the Wise Old Man was checking your bank for the Free to Play quest items previously, he would only tell you that you had them and not remove them.

This system of checking the items would also not be suitable for Members’ quest items, as there are so many more of them to check compared to the Free to Play quest items. The first step in checking which Members’ quest items that the player has was to create a list of every single item that is used in Members’ quests.

Mobile Changes
There is an Info button added to the Spellbook tab on OSRS Mobile at the bottom for entering Info mode, in which you can tap a spell to see the tooltip, showing the required runes and Magic level. This is quite accessible for Mobile players. Along with this, the new added Filter button will bring up a menu of simple filters, allowing you to choose the spells you want to see and helping you tap the right button while spellcasting.

Besides, there are now quantity options for Deposit boxes on mobile. That means you can deposit specific quantities in a single tap. And an easier access is allowed for the quest tab, since it has been modified to include arrows for changing between quests, minigames & the achievement diaries.

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