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News.OSRS: QoL Month and Leather Shields

QoL month OSRS has started with 4 areas: PvM, Skilling, PvP, Minigames and others. Besides, do you wish to use one-handed ranged weapons? Leather Shields is a best choice for you. Now let's reading more information about QoL Month and Leather Shields.


QoL Month


The Old School QoL month has arrived. Make sure your vote! The poll will end on February 5 and most of content will be on February 8 as part of next game update! The areas of focus are:


Week 1 - PvM

Week 2 - Skilling

Week 3 - PvP

Week 4 - Minigames and other


You can see all the voting questions on the PvM poll blog and share your suggestions on the Old School Content Suggestions forum, or on Reddit. Remember to write down what area you mean when you give your opinion.


Leather Shields


Leather shields


For those who want to use one-handed ranged weapons, Leather Shields are a good choice. Although they are not considered top-rated, they are affordable and fill the gap in the current mid-level players' equipment.


Crafting the full shields can get the same amount of Crafting experience, per equivalent hide used in all other methods.


Fletching the basic wooden shield can get the same amount of Fletching experience, as the same level of a full bow.


If you want to have Leather Shields in game. t buy more OSRS gold. And don't forget the QoL Month.


The rs4acc team