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News.OSRS Aerial Fishing for Golden Tench

In the near future there will be a new training method OSRS Aerial Fishing added in game, combining the Fishing and Hunter skilling in a small island at the middle of Lake Molch. And when using this method, you can catch Bluegill, Greater Siren and have a slim chance to get Golden Tench. Do you think Aerial Fishing, this new training method is fun? Let’s experience it as soon as it’s released after buying cheap OSRS gold from us. And below is more details about it.

In a small island home located in the middle of the Lake Molch, you will find a new NPC Nicolas Louchart, who is able to use birds (specifically Cormorants) to catch and return fish and salamanders taking residence in the nearby waters. And here you can equip a bird on your arm and click a fishing pool. Then the bird will swoop down and come back with the catch.
Please remember:
1.You will not receive any XP with your inventory full.
2.Ensure both of your hands free to wield the bird.
3.The pools of fish will move at a frequent rate, about every 7-12 seconds.
4.You can collect King Worms on the island as a starting bait.
5.You can cut the fish into stackable Fish chunk, which can be used as a reward for your bird (1 chunk every 3-6 catches).

In the lake, you will be able to catch these 4 types of fish with Aerial Fishing, Bluegill (requiring 43 Fishing/35 Hunter), Common Tench ( requiring 56 Fishing/51 Hunter, Mottled Eel (requiring 73 Fishing/68 Hunter) and Greater Siren (requiring 91 Fishing/87 Hunter).

At the same time, you have a 1/100 chance of fishing up Molch pearls, which are stackable and can be exchanged with the Angler for the untradeable rewards, like the equippable Fly fishing rod worth 120 Molch pearls. Besides, another catch at a extremely rare chance is Golden Tench, equipped in the hand and having no stats.


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