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News.New Items from Mining and Smithing Rework

There will be a bunch of new items created for the Mining & Smithing rework, and today we will share some of them, such as T90 & T92 Masterwork armour, RuneScape Armour Spikes, Pickaxe of Earth and Song, and Smithing Auto-heater. Before joining in the beta beginning on Nov. 13, you best learn them carefully. And you can buy OSRS gold form us.

Tier 90 & Tier 92 Masterwork armour

There are two version of Masterwork armour, T90 and T92. The spikes/Trim will not be included within T90, while T92 will allow you to choose any of 4 implementations. And the T90 can be updated to T92 with Malevolent Essence & Praesulic Essence. Please remember it will degrade to broken. And it’s said that there is no dyed variants on release.

Other new items for Mining & Smithing

Smithing Auto-heater: There will be a replacement for the coal bag - Smithing Auto-heater appearing from the Dungeoneering Reward shop. And it will be automatically re-heated by 33% (% subject to change) while your item heat falls down to zero with Smithing.

Armour spikes: It will do reflect damage to attack enemies, when equipped in the ammunition slot or inventory & wearing melee armour. Besides, the enemy will be hit with this damage even if they miss. And it will be the new “overload” for Smithing.

Earth and Song pickaxe: At level 90 Smithing, this can be created by combining Imcando pickaxe, Crystal Pickaxe as well as Blast Fusion hammer. And it will be the best pickaxe for Mining. Besides, it will be augmented.

In addition to these, you will be able to enjoy various new items during the Mining & Smithing beta. Please never miss it on tomorrow.


The rs4acc team