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News.Kill Beastmaster Durzag to Win A RS3 Mazcab Ability Codex

What is RuneScape Mazcab Ability Codex?
The Mazcab ability codex is an item that is used to unlock several abilities. It is available in the Armoursmith with a price of 25,000 teci, the currency in the Liberation of Mazcab Raid. It also can be gained as a loot after you kill Beastmaster Durzag. It won’t be certain that which ability will be unlocked, since the ability will be chosen immediately when the codex is consumed. The abilities it can unlock include Storm Shards and Shatter as a combination, Onslaught, Corruption Blast, Corruption Shot and Mazcab Teleport.

Tips on killing Beastmaster Durzag & win the codex
You can free the goebie in the middle of the arena to start the fight against Beastmaster Durzag. Then separate he and his pets, Krar and Tuzand and attack the pets first. The first pet should be brought to 150,000 health, then the second pet to 150k health. Afterwards, attack Durzag with blood necklaces, deflection prayers, weapon poisons and dreadnips. In case you might get killed, bring  a portent of death or a portent of life.

Beastmaster Durzag’ s death will bring you to several drop tables. Besides Mazcab Ability Codex, you can always get Airut bones, summoning charms and tertiary drops.

Find your new ability for this winter holiday by killing Beastmaster Durzag and win yourself a RS3 Mazcab Ability Codex. You can also buy RS3 gold from us to get yourself ready for this fight.

The rs4acc team