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OSRS Aerial Fishing for Golden Tench[ 2018-11-02]
In the near future there will be a new training method OSRS Aerial Fishing added in game, combining the Fishing and Hunter skilling in a small island at the middle of Lake Molch. And when using this method, you can catch Bluegill, Greater Siren and have a slim chance to get Golden Tench. Do you think Aerial Fishing, this new training method is fun? Let’s experience it as soon as it’s released afte...
New Alchemical Onyx Items[ 2018-10-29]
Right now the RS team are working on the new RuneScape Alchemical Onyx jewellery and plan to release it before February 2019, which includes Grace of the Elves, Ingenuity of the Humans as well as Passage of the abyss. Please wait for their coming while buying Cheap RS Gold from us. 4 functions of Grace of the elvesThe Grace of the elves can be created with an alchemical onyx and some Invention m...
Runescape Patch Notes: Ninja Fixes[ 2018-10-24]
1. Dramatically sped up Ugthanki respawn times.2. Added a stepping stone to cross the river in Mos le Harmless.3. Added remaining charges to the big book o' piracy's tooltip.4. Reworked the check-items interface for signs of the porter.5. Improved the clickzone for glacors, covering a wider box that just the model itself, to allow for more leniency with it's oddly shaped model and wide sweeping an...
The Chambers of Eric - 2018 OSRS Halloween Event[ 2018-10-19]
It’s been revealed that the OSRS 2018 Halloween event will be kicking off on October 25. It should be a mini quest, and named The Chambers of Eric. We have learned the OSRS Halloween event this year plans to be released on October 25, 2018. And according to the information from the Twitter of Jagex Ash, it should be a mini quest style event without underwater this year and a lot shorter than las...
OSRS Wise Old Man and Mobile Changes[ 2018-10-15]
Wise Old ManThis change has been highly requested and was met with a resounding Yes in the poll. The Wise Old man's ability to spot redundant non-member quest items in your bank has been rewritten. From now on you can discard items directly via a handy interface to keep what you want, including members’ quest. And there will be a confirmation screen promoted while clicking the Remove All button be...
RS Needle Skips[ 2018-10-11]
The new female and fully voiced quest RuneScape Needle Skips will focus on a local family and the Needle, a powerful artefact created by the elder gods. Set in Piscatoris Fishing Colony, it’s a story told from multiple perspectives, focussing around a local family and the Needle – a powerful artefact created by the elder gods to aid them with their planetary constructions.  And the Needle is...
RuneFest 2018: OSRS Reveals[ 2018-10-08]
Song of the ElvesThe fabled Elf series begins with Plague City where the player character, discovers the whole West side of Ardougne has been locked under quarantine by mysterious figures known as the Mourners. After breaking into the city and rescuing Elena, during Biohazard she gives you some plague samples to have tested by a chemist. Upon completing this task, you discover the plague is a hoax...
Quest Point Shop[ 2018-09-27]
Quest Point Shop is a shop in which you can spend quest points. In the shop players will find May. She’s a tinkerer but she used to be an adventurer herself, and now is determined to help other adventurers succeed in their pursuits. In Quest Point Shop there is one general reward track and then a number of additional reward tracks that players can choose to progress along, should they so desire. ...
Tribal Trials[ 2018-04-20]
A good all-new Tribal Trial offers started soon, along with new outfits, tool overrides along with a companion pet to become gained!   Open up Treasure Hunter among 00: 00 game period in the 18th Apr to 23: 59 game period upon 23rd Apr to state the Tribal Task list. Ironmen ought to rather talk to Diango. 16 tasks wait for a person for each cards, along with normal rewards with regard to f...
RuneScape Game Jam and Unstable Stars[ 2018-04-11]
The RuneScape Game Jam pull 2018 is drawing closer, beginning with Apr 13, and they are a person inquisitive whatever you can get this season? Let’s determine and purchase inexpensive RuneScape gold through all of us. At the same time, you've still got some time to win unstable stars throughout the new TH till Apr 9.   This particular local community event RuneScape Game Jam pull is go...


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