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The New Slayer Master[ 2019-03-13]
The Bounty Hunter will be removed from the game this week and all the content that was previously tied to Bounty Hunter will be redistributed throughout the game. The removal of Bounty Hunter left Mandrith out of a job, so the RS team decided that he’d earned a promotion to Slayer Master, who now specialises in Wilderness Tasks. And these challenge you to slay the denizens of the wilderness while ...
Get into RS3 Mobile Android Beta Now[ 2019-03-06]
We’re delighted to confirm that the RS team have begun releasing the first of our two caps for the RuneScape Members Mobile Android Beta! 25,000 spots are now available to download on a first come, first served basis! The cap will be raised in two batches to ensure adventurers on both sides of the globe have the opportunity to get involved. If you're unable to download the application today, they'...
OSRS QoL Changes[ 2019-03-01]
This week sees the release of several changes and tweaks from the Skilling, Re-run and Miscellaneous weeks of QoL month. The changes listed in this post wrap up everything that was polled in both Skilling week and Re-run week, minus the Special Attack Orb change which has been held back for further testing. In addition, if you need to buy RuneScape gold or RS 2007 gold, please check our site. The ...
Crack the Clue II[ 2019-02-25]
In 2016 we saw the release of Crack the Clue. After 12 gruelling months of theorising, searching and inspecting pixels, the Helm of Raedwald was finally found! The time has come to bring you the sequel to your favourite clue-seeker event with Crack the Clue 2. Gather your friends and spades and delve into the depths of Gielinor to uncover hidden treasures from a secret organisation. And if you wan...
Improvements about Mining and Smithing, Gameblast 2019[ 2019-02-20]
There are incoming more improvements to Mining and Smithing and details about Gameblast 2019 this week. Therefore, if you need to buy RuneScape gold or RS 2007 gold cheap, please grasp this opportunity. Mining and SmithingAn ore box can now be used on a deposit box, in a similar fashion to a gem bag or coal bag, to empty the ore box's contents into your bank without depositing the ore box.Artisan...
RS Double XP Weekend 2019 to Train Summoning and more[ 2019-02-15]
The Double XP Weekend RuneScape will start at 12:00 UTC on February 22 and last until 12:00 UTC on February 25, 2019. You are going to enjoy up to 100% increase in XP gains within the specific time during this event. Feel free to enjoy your RuneScape Double XP Weekend and train yourself into a master of skills, especially to collect the Summoning Obelisks for summoning skill. If you need cheap Run...
PoF Farmhands[ 2019-02-11]
FarmhandsThink of a farmhand as a helper whose sole interest is to make your farming life that bit easier. They will handle some of the farm tasks without guidance, and up to three can be allocated to each pen. Farmhands can be managed from a new tab on the paddock/animal check interface. And you can buy OSRS gold cheap from our site and expect it then. Besides, there are three different types of ...
RS Companion App Removal from Feb. 1[ 2019-01-28]
Welcome to for buying more cheap runescape gold, osrs gold and swap runescape gold. As one of the biggest runescape gold online provider, we mainly offer runescape gamers more runescape gold at amazingly cheap prices! The RS Companion app is a free app that offers access to various interactions with the game. It is available on smart phones, tablets, and some web browsers. Wit...
Changes of OSRS Farming Guild Doors and more in Kebos Lowladnds[ 2019-01-21]
In response to the latest feedback on newly released Kebos Lowlands, the OSRS team has recently released a series of changes in the contents of the game, including OSRS graphical changes, changes in the OSRS Farming Guild Doors, Golden Tench and Aerial fishing, as well as other in-game items and contents. And there is offer rs3 gold for sale on our site. The latest changes in the Kebos Lowlands1....
Guide to Kill the Alchemical Hydra[ 2019-01-14]
There are four phases when you fight Alchemical Hydra. The hydra is of high Magic and Ranged level, but low defence and resistance to stab and ranged attacks. Therefore, Ranged skill is recommended. Also remember, the hydra changes combat style every three hits. In addition, don't forget there is RS gold for sale here. Phase 1: Poison. The carapace of the hydra is green. Luring it to the re...


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