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News.Guide to Kill the Alchemical Hydra

There are four phases when you fight Alchemical Hydra. The hydra is of high Magic and Ranged level, but low defence and resistance to stab and ranged attacks. Therefore, Ranged skill is recommended. Also remember, the hydra changes combat style every three hits. In addition, don't forget there is RS gold for sale here.

Phase 1: Poison. The carapace of the hydra is green. Luring it to the red chemical pool in the chamber will remove its damage reduction effect, while a wrong pool will increase the hydra's damage. Run as the hydra fires poison blobs to avoid getting hit. Attack the Hydra until it reaches 75% health and its bottom-left head falls off.

Phase 2: Lighting. The hydra’s carapace changes to blue. You have to lure it to the green chemical pool. Then avoid the box formed by electrical projectiles by starting near the middle of the room and looping around one of the last lightning spawns. Keep attacking the Hydra, it will reach 50% health, and its bottom-right head fall off.

Phase 3: Flame. The carapace of the hydra changes to red. Lure it into the blue pool. In this phase, you can attack the hydra before it get to the center of the chamber, and run away from the flame tracing you. When it reaches 25% health, the hydra’s middle head falls.

Phase 4: Enraged. The carapace changes into gray. There is no need to lure the hydra into chemical pool. The hydra will use ranged or magic attack with poison blobs in this phase. Just move away to dodge the poison blobs after every three attacks and continue the kill.

You will get OSRS Hydra Leather, ferocious gloves along with unique drops from killing the Alchemical Hydra. Besides, there are also other bosses, such as Wyrm that brings dragon sword. Come and buy cheap OSRS gold from us, and fight them in Kebos Lowlands.

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