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News.Changes of the RS Mining & Smithing

The long-expected reworked RuneScape Mining and Smithing is finally going online. The new tiers added bring you more fun. While you enjoy the fun brought by the RS Mining & Smithing rework, please remember buy cheap rs gold from us.

New tiers and pickaxe changes in New RS Mining & Smithing
The RuneScape Mining and Smithing rework brings four new tiers of metal, along with the armours to go with them. Even the fantastic tier-90 armour is included within. The ores and bars required to create metal armours with in different tiers become the core ores and rocks.

And you can unlock beneficial effects for mining and smithing core metals as you level up. If you still wish more in the newly reworked Mining & Smithing, check your upcoming ability to combine your tier-90 armours with monster drops, making a top-drawer, tier-92 armour set.

Besides, there are also some changes happening on pickaxes. The crystal pickaxe does not increase the chance to get golden rocks any more. And there is longer any mining speed boost nor Smithing XP boost from imcando pickaxe.

General changes from the RS Mining & Smithing rework
In the old version of RS Mining, what players do when mining is just rummaging among worlds for ores and metals. Now you are going to enjoy a more non-competitive Mining, along with other changes to make it more enjoyable. As for Smithing, it is more likely to be the punchline in this RS Mining & Smithing rework. There are three tiers added in. And when you smith an item, the levels required to smith gear match the combat levels required to wear and wield them.

The rs4acc team