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News.Bird House And Bird Nest Balancing

Bird Nests
The bird nest drops have been removed from Vorkath and Zulrah. Callisto's bird nest drop has also been removed and replaced with 30 Dragon bones. This will reduce the number of nests coming into game while also contributing to our efforts to stop skilling resources being gained via PvM. This makes the other drops from these bosses slightly more common with the exception of their uniques. Therefore, these changes will not significantly affect the profits of farming these bosses. As it was originally designed to be the PvM method of obtaining bird nests, the Giant Mole's loot table has been left unaffected.

Bird Houses
The OSRS team's goal is to reduce the overall number of bird nests coming into game from bird houses but leave them as a viable passive Hunter training method. Bird houses are intended to be good passive experience at lower levels and rewarding through bird nests at mid to high levels. As such, the XP rates remain unchanged.

Many players within the community suggested making bird houses untradeable, forcing players to have an equivalent Crafting level to use the highest tiers. However, this does not address the issue. Rather than making an overpowered activity exclusive to the high level community, they would prefer to make it balanced and viable while leaving it available to all players. One of the key issues was that Redwood bird houses produced as many as 12 bird nests on average per run, requiring 89 Hunter while Yew bird houses produced only two fewer nests on average at 59 Hunter. For this reason, making bird houses untradeable would not make them balanced. Moreover, fixing the scaling of bird nests being produced is preferable to simply increasing the time bird houses take to fill as we prefer to avoid forcing a change how often players engage with the content.

To achieve this, the overall number of nests received has been lowered. Rather than being determined solely by the tier of bird house being used, the number of nests received is now also influenced by your Hunter level. With 89 Hunter and using Redwood bird houses, you can now expect to receive 9.8 nests on average per run, with only a small number above that at 99. At level 5 Hunter using the regular bird houses, two bird nests will be received per run on average.

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