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News.2018 Spring Fayre and Big Change

Monday's game update brought in 2018's Spring Fayre and introduced some big changes, including making all of the attractions free. With this big change we decided to tweak the XP rates accordingly for the unlimited availability.


Be making the following changes with a hotfix:


1.  We're vastly improving the chance of a cosmetic drop
2.  The cosmetic drop rates were actually the same as they were last year. With the removal of the token system however, it's clear that cosmetics weren't appearing often enough to feel rewarding in this new event format.


We'll be increasing the following skill activities:


1.  Cooking – 50%
2.  Mining – 100%
3.  Hunter – 100%
4.  Prayer – 50%
5.  Strength – 50%
6.  Agility – 50%
7.  Ranged – 50%


This is still lower than last year's XP rates, as last year required fayre attraction tokens to participate in. As a result the XP then was a little more generous


Quests, Challenges and Achievements


If you destroy certain objects during Pieces of Hate at a specific point in the quest you're now able to reclaim them.


Corrected some disjointed body parts on the Dominion Tower Barrelchest.


Prevented the player from equipping the Barrelchest disguise in Pieces of Hate on certain tiles so prevent falling through a wall.


Resolved an issue where you could not reclaim plunder from the chest within Cabin fever if you somehow had not deposited 5 pieces within Bill Teach's chest.


Hope we can soon enjoy the OSRS with improved connectivity. And please buy RS 2007 gold cheap with 5% free gold on our site.


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The RS4acc team